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Sake makers

We will learn as much as possible about how sake should be, which has been created by rice farmers and chief brewers. deliver to people.

Story telling

When exporting the value of sake overseas, we do not just translate it, but redefine the thoughts of the chief brewers as a "story" according to the food insights of the people living there, and deliver it to the world.

Sustainable business based

In the past, present, and future, we are also just a point.
As a company that deals with tradition and culture, we will redefine the "weaving method" and deliver it to the future.

Weave Japanese sake culture to people, to the world, and to the future.

Sake RD3S Value


Our Story

Origin of the company name Thoughts put into Sake RD.

The company name, Sake RD (Re Define), is based on the concept of valuing the traditions of sake, while thinking about how to enjoy sake in each region, and proposing new ways of sake that are in line with the culture and climate of each region. I put the thought (= redefinition) of going.

Furthermore, by redefining how to enjoy sake, we are showing our challenge to create a new sake culture in each region.



Redefining Origin in Japan for the world.

Create a tomorrow where people and producers can enjoy each other.


Sake on the table of the world,

Create a tomorrow that is commonplace.

Sake on the table of the world,

Create a tomorrow that is commonplace.

Team Member

Rokuro Watanabe 


Chief Executive Officer

Hiroki Tsutsumi

Hiroki Tsutsumi

Graduated from Keio University, both Bachelor and Master. MBA from Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA (Tsinghua University). MBA exchange at National University of Singapore.
4 years experience in China. Experienced in the consulting industry, recruiting, fast retailing, startups, etc.

There have been two achievements in the rapid start-up of the Chinese business accompanying the start-up of a local subsidiary in China.

In particular, he is familiar with the Chinese retail industry and has strengths in new business launches, global business strategies and business management.

Trilingual in Japanese, English and Chinese.


Chief China Officer

Rokuro Watanabe

MBA from Peking University. Director of the Japan Alumni Association of Peking University Guanghua Management College. Born in Niigata Prefecture. 7 years experience in China. After graduating from MBA, engaged in digital marketing (from high-end cosmetics brands to daily necessities) mainly for retailers such as major Japanese cosmetics manufacturers and major Japanese electronics manufacturers at Beijing DAC, a digital advertising agency.

Also engaged in promotion of Chinese sake with the Japanese government budget in 2021.

We have a sake-related network in Japan and China.

Trilingual in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Liu Liu 



Liu Liu

Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Creation, Kansai University.
Qualified as an International Sake Master and International Shochu Sake Master, he is well versed in the liquor industry, including Chinese sake. Having lived in Japan for 11 years, he has a deep understanding of both Japanese and Chinese cultures through his experience engaging in cultural exchange projects between Japan and China at the Japan Cultural Center in Beijing (The Japan Foundation). He is well versed in the methods and methods of promoting Japanese culture to China, including the risks arising from the historical background between Japan and China. In particular, we are strong in developing sake-related content/products from the perspective of Chinese people.

Bilingual during the day.

Company Overview

Sake RD Co., Ltd.

We are leading the industry as one of the leading players and suppliers in the Japanese sake industry in China.

Since our founding, we have enjoyed the patronage of many customers and have achieved rapid growth.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the overseas expansion of sake and Japanese alcoholic beverages.

​Company name



Business content





Sake RD Co., Ltd.

Representative Director and CEO Hiroki Tsutsumi

Representative Director and CCO Rokuro Watanabe

Sales, wholesale and promotion of Japanese sake

April 2022

93 million yen
(including capital reserve)

Tokyo Head Office

Room 910 Tensho Shimbashi 5-chome Building, 5-12-11 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Taoguan (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

19-133, 19th Floor, Shangjia Center, No. 99, Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai



Thank you!

©Sake RD, Co., Ltd. 

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